Food Service and Culinary Management

The Department of Culinary Business Administration aims to foster food and cooking management professionals and to globalize Korean food. The food industry food system as a whole course, is a curriculum that demonstrates value in all fields of the restaurant and restaurant industry by distributing, processing, cooking, and developing menus in agricultural, fishery, and fisheries production sites. We provide opportunities to learn management mind through theory and sufficient case study and practical education. It also provides various knowledge and information about the food service industry.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Restaurant, restaurant establishment, food distribution business, graduate school, researcher, professor

Related Certificates

Cooking technician (Korean food, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Puffer Fish), Industrial Culinary EngineerㆍMaster Chef, Baking craftsmanㆍ Master Chef, Confectionary Craftsman ㆍMaster Chef, Industrial Food Processing Engineer ㆍProfessional Food Engineer, Food Processing Craftsman, General Director of Food Administration, Food Hygiene Controller, Distribution Manager

Department - Major Merits

  • Support to acquire certification for food and cooking and cultivation of restaurant management experts through participation in relevant events and competitions
  • Cooperation with industryㆍSpecial lecture by outside personnelㆍEmployment support through internship program
  • Participation in the 'Food Week Korea' fair every year
  • Excellent practical experience through our teacher mentoring system
  • High graduate school entry rate through our graduate school support