Major Transfer

Transferring to a different major is changing from one's current department to another department.
This is possible only when the latter department has room to receive more students. The change also requires a deliberation and consent from the heads of both departments as well as the President’s approval.

A. Method

Apply on the website → the previous Department Head's approval → Registry by the Department of School Affairs → the new Department Head’s approval → President's approval → Transfer approved

B. Eligibility

Those opting for a major change with 35 - 70 credits earned.

C. Application Period

A period set during a school break.

D. Document

One Major Change Application Form

E. Credit Recognition

All credits earned from the previous major are acknowledged after the change, but a new course requirement, set by the new department, must be adhered to.

F. Others

Application for a major change may be made once during the academic year and a general leave of absence is not permitted in the semester following the change.