Tourism & Leisure Management

Tourism, Leisure and Aviation Management is a team of professors from the department of Tourism Studies at Kyung Hee University that provide a specialized course for tourism, leisure and aviation, combining theory and practical field work. The 21st century is an era of leisure that seeks quality of life by increasing income and shortening working hours. We will meet the necessary demand of the increasing number of tourism professionals by training tourism industry leaders. In addition, the department of Tourism, Leisure and Aviation Management specializes in diverse leisure activities required by the current society in recent years, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and low-cost carriers have been teaching and giving lectures directly at our university to train airline cabin crews and ground crews. We are helping to create diverse human networks in the tourism industry, leisure industry and aviation industry in cooperation with numerous graduates.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Travel agencies, airlines, resorts, duty free shops, casinos, conventions, cruises, leisure companies, tourist complexes, project planner, company marketing department, rural tourism and ecotourism expert, tourism leisure research institute, professor, graduate school.

Related Certificates

International travel specialist, tour / interpreter guide, leader certificate (T / C), boat license, windsurfing instructor, convention organizer, medical tourism coordinator, etc.

Department - Major Merits

  • Various field trips such as visiting domestic and foreign sightseeing spots and cultural excursions
  • A variety of advanced leisure exercises and licenses (riding, scuba diving, light airplanes for skiing, skiing, etc.)
  • Employment training for airlines and cabin crews through studies conducted by airlines' faculty
  • Networking through participation of offline activities
  • 1:1 Career counseling and individual tutoring