Spirit & Specialization

KHCU advocates creative effort, progressive spirit, and constructive cooperation as its spiritual goals.

Founding Spirit

Based on its motto, a??Creating a Civilized World,a?? KHCU was founded on three principles: creative ideas, progressive spirit and constructive cooperation. These principles make up the Kyung Hee Spirit. We aim to realize the idea of devotion to the welfare of humanity and contribute toward the efforts of creating a civilized world through open and lifelong education by means of information technology via the internet.

Specialization of KHCU

Our mission statement is: Cultivating World Citizens as Leaders of a Global Civil Society. Based on our educational principles and objective, KHCU strives to combine the unique features of what life-long learning and e-learning have to offer in order to educate and train professional leaders to realize our goals: the specialization of internationalized education and the promotion of international affairs.