Elderly Welfare

The elderly welfare major aims to nurture elderly welfare professionals with knowledge and practical skills to lead the aging society in the future by providing the practical knowledge and technical education required in many academic theories and fields. The major provides specialized training courses on physical, psychological and welfare aspects for the elderly. Our curriculum integrates the multidisciplinary expertise required for the elderly welfare practice. Finally, in conjunction with integrated theoretical knowledge, we are implementing practical training and field training.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Elderly care welfare specialist and elderly recreation coordinator, establishment of welfare facilities for the elderly, social worker, graduate school

Related Certificates

Elderly recreation (2nd grade), elderly care welfare specialist (Certificate of professional qualification awarded by the president), Life planner (Certificate of professional qualification awarded by the president), hospice volunteer certificate

Department - Major Merits

  • Various offline lectures and events related to the elderly welfare
  • Elderly recreation (Level 2), senior care welfare specialist certifications.
  • Life Planner Specialist
  • Hospice volunteer specialist