Korean Language & Culture

The department of Korean Language and Culture is the first cyber university to educate Korean language and culture education professionals who are required in this global age and multicultural society. Based on the curriculum tailored to Korean language teachers' qualifications set by the Fundamental Law of the Korean Language, we cultivate talented individuals who meet the needs of the global environment and the domestic and overseas fields required for this multicultural era. Also, through a systematic and comprehensive curriculum, as the only Korean department related to a masters’ program, linked to a global Korean studies major quality education is pursued.

Post-Graduation Career Path

  • Lecturer of Korean language education institutions for foreigners and overseas Koreans
  • Korean teacher dispatched overseas
  • Korean language and Korean cultural content developer
  • Korean language, Korean culture, and Korean studies project staff from government agencies and private organizations
  • Graduate School

Related Certificates

Korean Language Teacher Level 2 Certificate

Department - Major Merits

  • The first Korean language education major in cyber university, the only Korean language course major established in cyber graduate school
  • A network of students and graduates from more than 50 countries
  • Various and differentiated Korean culture education courses
  • Off-line learning opportunities through lectures, academic programs, workshops and clubs.
  • Various overseas Korean language education institutions visits and practical training programs.
    (Practical training at overseas Korean language education institutions such as Singapore and Cambodia)