Children are the protagonists of future society. In our society, we have a serious low birth rate phenomenon and increased social accountability for childcare. Unstable family and social environment threatens women's social advancement and children's happiness. Child welfare and child care are important tasks to be solved by modern society. In the child care and education major, we are nurturing child care professionals who will play a leading role in creating a childcare environment and a family and social environment in which children can grow healthily. We offer various on-line and off-line training. We provide specialization programs that reflect the latest knowledge and practice to enhance practicality. After completing the course, students will be able to demonstrate their abilities at various childcare sites and child welfare sites as a child care specialist who combines theory and practice based on the values of children and child care philosophy.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Childcare teacher, institutions and facilities related to children, play therapy, researcher, graduate school

Related Certificates

Child care teacher (Level 2), child care teacher for infants and toddlers, children’s storytelling specialist

Department - Major Merits

  • Systematic nursery field practice including excellent institutional agreement and practical training by region
  • Various offline lectures and specialization programs related to child welfare
  • National Child Care Specialty Certificate
    • Childcare teacher level 2
    • Childcare teacher for infants with disabilities (Certificate of professional qualification awarded by the president)