Global Management

The Department of Global Business Administration aims to train global management professionals through acquisition of basic management knowledge necessary for corporate management. By interacting with the changing global business environment, we lead rational management and strategic management of the company and design future companies with a global mind. Through the establishment of management infrastructure and education in practical management cases, the department of Global Business Administration is working to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for business administration ? the most practical academic discipline in modern society. In order to provide the knowledge and experience to survive in a rapidly changing business environment, the department of Global Business Administration has excellent faculty and a differentiated curriculum. 'Global Management' as the name of the department is used for the first time among cyber universities and combined theory and practical knowledge to provide systematic and specialized courses aimed at fostering professional management talents that meet global standards. Through this course students will be able to grow into global leaders with creative solutions to real-world business problems and innovative international insights.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Various institutes, financial institutions, software development companies, management consulting companies, multinational companies, hospitals, entrance into various fields such as government departments and graduate school, venture business start-up, business management innovation, business consultant, secretary, strategic analyst, HR / Career Counsellor

Related Certificates

Management consultant, certified labor consultant, social survey analyst, distribution manager, logistics manager, sales manager, outsourced leader class 1 and 2, business manager, consumer counselor, consumer financial consultant, job counselor

Department - Major Merits

  • Broader perspective and understanding of international management through links with various disciplines
  • Excellent faculty with practical experience as well as theory
  • Cultivating advanced management know-how through annual overseas company visits