Social Welfare

Social welfare recognizes social problems due to social changes such as modernization, industrialization, urbanization. This study research promotes practical professional coping strategies. In the social welfare major, students will learn policies and professional interventions for the problems that various social members such as family, children, women and youth in the community are experiencing. By learning professional intervention methods and acquiring general social welfare theory, policy and practice techniques, this course aims to develop social welfare specialists who have practical skills that can be utilized in the professional field of social welfare field.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Establishment and operation of social welfare institution, social welfare institution, researcher, civil servant, graduate school

Related Certificates

Social worker, family health practitioner, mental health social worker, school social worker, medical social worker, multicultural social welfare specialist

Department - Major Merits

  • Operational excellence in social welfare field practice such as excellent social welfare institution agreement and systematic practice class by region
  • Special lecture on social worker examination Level 1 and sign language interpreter course and various special offline lectures.
  • Acquisition of various national and private certifications such as; social worker, health family, mental health social worker, school social worker, medical social worker certifications etc.