Media Creative Writing

Cyber universities are free of time, space and age constraints. There is only the passion for study. Cyber universities in cyberspace are not just passive lectures. The Department of Media and Creative Writing offers dynamic and fun learning opportunities such as real-time image seminars, offline lessons, and various creative clubs. Challenge your dreams with the Media and Creative Writing department, which has produced many writers and cultural content talents through the annual spring literary contest and literary magazine.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Novelist, drama writer, screenwriter, cultural critic, graduate school

Related Certificates

Reading essay teacher certificate (Level 1)

Department - Major Merits

  • A steady stream of literary award winners per year (up to 80 people since its establishment)
  • Real-time video seminars
  • Go to famous graduate schools such as Korea University, Kyung Hee University, Chungang University and Kookmin University
  • Issuance of a reading essay instructor certificate (Level 1)
  • Excellent faculty in various fields such as poetry, novels, criticism, children's literature, drama