Computer Information & Communication Engineering

“Learning Platform for the 4thIndustrialRevolution”

The Department of Computer Information & Communication nurtures creative convergent talent as future-oriented IT specialists armed with the international sensibilities and practical skills that enable capable adaptation to the rapidly shifting paradigm in the ICT industry that is now in an environment where information and communication networks, computer technologies and broadcasting are consolidated. Moreover, we serve as a learning platform for next-generation digital technologies needed in the 4thIndustrialRevolution,andourgoalsare(1)tobeattheforefrontofICTintegration,(2)createaculturalworldbasedontechnologicalapplicationsofcomputersandinformation&communicationsengineering,and(3)cultivatecreativeITspecialistswhocanplayleadingrolesintheubiquitously-connectedsocietyofthe21stcentury

Career paths after graduation

- Software developers and coding experts.
- Working for companies that develop digital contents such as movies, advertisements, broadcasts, games and software
- Working for internet service providers, computer network service providers or software makers
- Venture companies started by the graduates themselves
- Advance to graduate school

About the major

- Cultivate experts who lead u-Networks based on new media + cloud computing + digital integration
- Cultivate creative IT professionals who can apply and create ICT paradigms (big data + IoT + cloud computing) for the 4th Industrial Revolution
- Cultivate specialists who research, develop, and produce products that apply ICT and related service technologies required in the ubiquitously-connected society.
- Offer majors that are substantive to support diverse career paths after graduation and are focused on the practical through systematic collaboration between the industrial and academic sectors

Questions and Counseling

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